Thank you to everyone – Artists, Audiences, Friends, Patrons and Sponsors alike for making the 2016 Petworth Festival the great success it was.

From Judy Carmichael’s first notes at St Mary’s Church on 14th July to the Hat Session artists Neil Ward-Dutton and Craig Wentworth’s last at The Angel on Saturday 30th, the festival’s 17 days have been memorable in the extreme.

How can you list highlights when there were so many? My greatest pleasure, however, was in the receptions given to harmonica and accordion duo Will Pound and Eddy Jay, the Monks from Tashi Lhunpo Monastry, International Menuhin Competition Winner Ziyu He, and the special festival commission from Ned Bigham performed (twice!) by the Brodsky Quartet.

Each required a special level of interest and commitment from the audience given the novelty of the events, and in each case the response was immense and genuine. Beyond these of course were a whole host of stellar events and I hope the memory of each will live long.

Do check out the event pages as a whole lot of reviews have been posted of the individual events, and of course social media went fairly mad over the fortnight, not least with the gallery of festival ‘selfies’ taken after each event, so do look those up if you want a fond reminder of the events now passed.

We look forward to seeing you next year, but of course before that watch out for details of the 6th Literary Festival which runs from 2nd – 6th November. Once again there are some real treats in store in this hugely popular part of Petworth’s winter calendar. I’m reluctant to welcome the winter in general, but at least the Literary Festival takes the edge of some of those early, chilly nights!

Thank you all again. 2017, here we come!

Stewart Collins

Artistic Director

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