Rodric Braithwaite - Armageddon & Paranoia

Rodric Braithwaite - Armageddon & Paranoia





Thursday 2 November, 2017

Leconfield Hall Petworth GU28 0AH

4.30pm (Ending approx. 5.30pm)

Adults £10 | 18 and under £5

In 1945, the atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and old ideas of warfare came to an end. In his most recent volume Rodric Braithwaite tells how the power of the atom was harnessed to produce weapons capable of destroying human civilisation. Author of bestsellers Moscow 1941 and Afgantsy he paints a vivid and thought provoking portrait of this intense period of history. Its implications are as relevant today as they ever were with worrying flash points all around the world.

Sir Rodric Braithwaite is a former British diplomat and author whose long Foreign Office career took him to Indonesia, Poland, Italy, America and Russia – he was British Ambassador in Moscow during the fall of the Soviet Union. He was subsequently foreign policy advisor to Prime Minister John Major and Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee.